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How nice you visit this site that is dedicated to one of the most effective light anti aircraft cannons that were used during the second world war: the 2cm Flak!
My personal interest in ammunition (which dates back to my youth, when I used to find many British rounds under the big trees) has resulted in me being involved with this matter on a daily basis. My main interest in the 2cm Flak calibre is especially triggered by the special shape of this ammunition.
Also, no other weapon in this calibre has been used so widely and in so many different applications.
On this site you will find information about the history of the weapons and ammunition. The main focus is on the German items, but items from other countries are also shown.  I would appriciate if you wil share missing information about the items shown,
so please do not hesitate to contact me!?

I wish you an enjoyable stay at this site!

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